To protect or restore beneficial uses:

We provide consultation and expert testimony on river, watershed and coastal zone management; including the processes that initiate channel characteristics, sediment and nutrient concentrated runoff and its  dispersal to the coastal ocean under present, past and future  conditions.  

We promote conservation, restoration and recovery through the application of cutting edge science and technology.  

We offer advice on the preparation of Stream  Channel Alteration and Stream Diversion Works permits, and Petitions to  establish or modify an Interim Instream Flow Standard (IIFS). 

We can:

  • Analyze and interpret historical and real time data
  • Compile and analyze the cultural and  scientific information required to make sound management decisions at  the landscape/watershed level and identify the drivers and consequences  of change
  • Conduct river, watershed and shoreline assessments
  • Prepare draft environmental assessments, technical reports, briefing papers and education handouts
  • Offer technical support to landowners, local government and watershed partnerships
  • Provide expert testimony, litigation and permitting support

We Seek to Narrow the Gap Between Unsound and Sustainable Practices Using Knowledge Appropriate for Hawaii’s Unique Natural Environment