Basil Gomez DSc, PhD, B.Sc

Basil has been engaged in studying the creation, transport and dispersal of loose materials on Earth’s surface for more than 35 years.   He is a Fellow of the American Association of Geographers and has published over 100 peer-reviewed, scientific papers and numerous  reports.  Basil has experience of conducting and supervising field surveys and monitoring in arctic, alpine, temperate and tropical watersheds.  His specialist expertise is in studying sediment and nutrient transport; in linking marine sediment dispersal with fluxes of  sediment off the land; assessing the effects of past and future climate change on patterns of erosion and sediment transport in Pacific Island  watersheds; and the management of Hawaiian surface water resources.

Basil's recent publications include:

Gomez, B. and Rosser, B. J., 2018, Slip slidin’ away: a post-glacial environmental history of the Waipaoa River basin, Geomorphology, 307, 65-76 

Gomez, B., 2018, Great expectations: flow restoration and sediment transport in the Waimea River, Kaua‘i, Geomorphology, 306, 254-263.

Gomez, B., Corral, Á., Orpin, A.R., N.A., Page, M.J., Pouderoux, H. and Upton, P., 2015, Lake Tutira paleoseismic record confirms random, moderate to major and/or great Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, earthquakes, Geology, 43, 102-106. 

Gomez, B., Carter, L., Trustrum, N.A., Page, M.J., and Orpin, A.R., 2013, Coherent rainfall response to middle- and late-Holocene climate variability across the mid-latitude South Pacific, The Holocene, 23, 1002-1007.

Gomez, B., Carter, L., Orpin, A.R., Cobb, K.M., Page, M.J., Trustrum, N.A and Palmer, A.S., 2012, ENSO / SAM interactions during the middle and late Holocene, The Holocene, 22, 23-30.

Gomez, B. and Jones III, J.P., 2010, Research Methods in Geography, Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, 459 p.